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Elmer Gutierrez Verified Buyer

Pretty amazing, my AirPods are always falling out my pocket but with these prevents it from sliding out so easily. Nice product feels good looks good

RamMuljani Verified Buyer

It has rubber like mate black colour. grip markings to hold airpods comfortably. It comes with two lids and nice lightweight carabiner clip. It definitely protects airpods and does not make them bulky unlike some other skins.I will definitely recommend it.

Cheyenne Cowell Verified Buyer

I've had this case for a while now and it has held up very well - no stains, tears, etc. It was easy to install and has never fallen off. I like that the top and bottom are separate and that it does not have a loop at the back. I think this makes the case look sleeker than other options.

Tariq Verified Buyer

Great case! The only problem I have is that it attracts lint like crazy, but this is to be expected. If it was just a LITTLE bit easier to get it off, the product would get a 5 from me.

amarutani Verified Buyer

I purchased this for my daughter's AirPods. She liked that there are two color choices for the top of the case. She got a light blue and it came with a light blue and a white top choice. She likes to change up her accessories so this was perfect! Thank you!

Columbus George Verified Buyer

I’ve been using this case for seven months now. While it covers the main part of the AirPods case very well, the issue I’ve had is that the top that covers the lid (which is a separate piece) keeps falling off. I had dropped my AirPods, the top cover popped off and the lid of my AirPods case got scratched. I can’t recommend this case unfortunately. I plan on buying one that the top is connected to the main part of the case.

ML Verified Buyer

Exactly what I need and for a good price! I got this case with the clip so I can clip onto my keys when I go to the gym or to take the pups for a walk. It makes my life way more convenient knowing that I can put away my Air Pods whenever I need to.I love that its a top and bottom. I dislike the other versions where its all connected. At times, the top will barely move up, but nothing that actually bothers me. The silicone is soft and durable considering how many times I've already dropped it.

Sara Verified Buyer

This is exactly what I was looking for, all the other cases I've come across have had an issue where they really don't grip the AirPods case and it results in them sliding out slowly (it doesn't make performance any worse it can just get irritating). That being said, these will protect your AirPods from falls and scratches while keeping a minimalistic appearance while keeping bulk at a minimum. Definitely worth the money.

Melinda Verified Buyer

This AirPod skin does the trick. The one I got does not have gaps. At first it didn’t line up so I had to rub my thumbs over the case a few times so it created a tight seal and shifted the case everso slightly until it made the perfect match. It doesn’t shift around so far. I’ve had the case on for about a month and I love it.

Hilary OBryan Verified Buyer

This comes in two pieces; bottom and top for the cap of the case. It does an okay job with protecting the actual charging case but the top piece does not fit the way it is pictured in the ad. It Durant fit evenly and does not seem to be designed in a way for the actual cap to open all the way

Runnrgrl Verified Buyer

I picked this particular case because it is 2 pieces so there’s no ugly tab thing sticking off where the 2 pieces would connect.Love the choice of colors, I chose the mint/teal and it is true to color as shown online. Silicone feels very soft and of good quality. Fits like a glove with zero gaps. I did read a few reviews that say the top part doesn’t line up to the bottom, but with just a little finesse, everything fits perfect; whole process took maybe 5 minutes.The key ring is small but large enough to hold a tile; and the included carabiner is a nice touch.All in all this a solid product and I plan on getting another one for my husband’s AirPods. I got it for $7.95, which is a steal in my opinion.

Ashley Verified Buyer

Dust does get in through the back of the case but I loveeeeeee this product so much! I’ve dropped my AirPods multiple times and not scratches to be seen at all!!!! LOVE IT and I would totally recommend it.

Nicolas J. Verified Buyer

So far so good. I really prefer this type of case rather than the one piece cases that you typically see with other AirPods. I like that this actually lays flat and comes with a key holder and strap if you wanted to use them.The alignment of the lid is just a bit off, but nothing to take a star off. You can move it around and try to get it to align as close as possible. Overall I’m happy with this case as the color is nice and provides a good grip.

Ivy Verified Buyer

The case feels comfortable and protects my airpods well enough to protect it from basic scratches which is what I was looking for. The keychain design makes it great to hang on some keys so you never lose it. Putting on the case takes a bit of time to squish and maneuver around the case to get it to fit properly. The silicone has a tight grip on the airpods which is nice. The downside is that there is still a slight gap between where the top and bottom piece meets so dust can get through (shown in the front photo). If I mushed/shifted the front together to close the gap, it leaves the back slightly exposed which is annoying. I don't know if anyone is as particular than I am but this bothers me slightly knowing that dust can settle in the cracks.

heq78 Verified Buyer

I’ve owned the PodSkinz Switch case for about a week and so for it’s exactly as I wanted. Protects the case, comes with a carabiner so i can attach my Tile.Another plus for the case is that the LED is visible, even in a brightly lit room.The only con is that it is a lint magnet. It can also be a little harder to get in and out of jean pockets. But that is to be expected with a silicone style case.

Alvin Verified Buyer

The lid is not fit, did not look like what they show in their images. Although, I know silicon case attracts a lot of dirt, but I am still not used to this amount of dirt on the case. For those who prefer the original feel and look of the airpod case, just don’t buy a case made of silicon.I got the newest version of Airpod, 2019.

awl168 Verified Buyer

Really nice silicone case cover for the AirPods 2. I have the new wireless charging case and am able to charge the AirPods even with the case cover on - either using the lightning cable or on a wireless charger. The case cover also comes with a carabiner, lanyard and extra cover for the lid of the case. Will definitely buy another if needed.

geezy Verified Buyer

Just received my AirPods case cover and I’m very pleased! The fit, feel, quality, and color are awesome. The silicon is durable yet not too thick or bulky, and it fits my case very well. I also really like the carabiner clip because it makes it convenient for me to attach my AirPods to my water bottle if I don’t have a pocket available. The cover feels great, and since it’s silicon, I purchased this fully knowing that it will attract lint and dirt just like silicon phone cases. But it’s super easier to wipe off, so for me, it’s not an issue. Overall, I’m very satisfied. I will eventually buy another in a different color so I can change it up when I get bored of the red.

Meredith Verified Buyer

It protects the case of my airpods when they're bouncing around in my bag and also helps them be easier to find because of the color or when they're hooked on with the carabiner. I'm amazed at how well it fits on the case and doesn't budge! Everyone's asking me where I got it!

Alysia Verified Buyer

So far, using this case for most of the day and feeling in awe with the color. Im totally digging this. I love my apple airpods and I definitely don't want them getting scratched or hurt (even though it already has some from my previous case). This case provides a full coverage defense to most things. I say most things because I don't think it'll defend dirt or sand. Highly recommend not putting it near there or you'll have to deal with taking dirt out of its butt.Anyways, Im a girl and I enjoy dressing my electronics with skins and silicon cases (like this one). I love the blush color I picked and I liked the idea of being able to change its hat once in awhile. Talk about being excessive to your everyday fashion needs! The material on this is a soft silicon. The better kind where it doesn

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